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Unconventional Right-leaning enviro-libertarian. Anti-corporatism/-govt-enabled MoralHzd/risk-shifting; pro-property-rts (for indigenous too). A founder of #WBOS; founder of #FOTB, #WHATPG, #CurC and #BMT. Yes, I actually reside in Tokyo, though the whole universe is my playground. MAIN blog: Twitter activity: Law blog:

Thoughts on Hayek’s book, “The Counter-Revolution of Science” — Michael Nobles

[ed: moved from a Facebook post, some typo edits] I’m almost finished with Hayek’s book, “The Counter-Revolution of Science”. Absolutely fascinating; I wish I had read this book before reading either of his other books, such as “The Fatal Conceit”: … Continue reading

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Hello Tokyo!

Welcome to Free Capitalist Network! See our “About” page: “Tokyo Liberty Club” is a collective work in progress.

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