“Tokyo Liberty Club” will forever be a collective work in progress

TLC is a group for anyone in Tokyo (or elsewhere in Japan) who is interested in exploring contemporary issues in society, business and government (and group and personal interactions within them), and in building a support network of other caring people who want to personally contribute to making a better society.

We are explorers and scientists of human behavior, and actors trying to shape the world as well.

We will focus on both analysis and action, as well on getting to know each other and on networking with others in Tokyo, Japan and broader circles who share common interests.

Those with an analytical interest will focus on diagnosing social problems — and topics such as entrepreneurship, social capital, moral hazard, regulatory capture, crony capitalism, fiat currencies, individual and group plan formation, markets, “bounded rationality,” the “information problem,” “principal-agent problems,” etc. – while exploring the practical insights of what are known as “New Institutional Economics” (represented by 2009 Nobel Prizewinners Elinor Ostrom and Oliver E. Williamson) and “Austrian Economics” (Ludwig von Mises, Friederich Hayek and others), as well as the perspectives of a wide range of “libertarian” thinkers.

WE build our society, one member, one conversation, one beer, one meal and one shared activity at a time!


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